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Tracking List of Aircraft

Is there a way to track a specific list of aircraft? What I would like to do is display FlightAware for our area, during Young Eagles events, and only have it display the aircraft that are participating in the event. That way parents can see where their kids are, and know where they went, and when they’ll be back.



I would assume that’s difficult as long as you do not have the details of the aircraft used there

I have the tail numbers of each aircraft. The question is whether I can restrict the display to only show a list of tail numbers.

the alternative interface tar1090 (developed by @wiedehopf) has more filtering options than SkyAware. Maybe an option for you

Can be easily installed on top of your SkyAware installation
But i do not see how to handle a list of aircraft.


Unfortunately, I’m doubting that I can modify the device. We’ve got a FlightFeeder from FlightAware, and since the case is sealed, and there’s no access to the SD card, I can’t stick the card into my PC to modify it there. I haven’t tried SSH into it yet, so I don’t know if they’ve enabled that or not. I just got the FlightFeeder yesterday for our EAA Chapter hangar, and tonight while I was there for our spaghetti dinner, I configured it, but we’ve got to get a ladder out to the airport to mount the antenna. For now it is running, and sitting inside the hangar. Because of work, I probably won’t be able to get to the hangar for a couple weeks, but next time I do, I’ll try to SSH and see what I get.

It would really be nice if FlightAware had the ability to display only tail numbers on your preferred list.

Yeah, please don’t modify the FlightFeeder software install, we need that to be a known quantity for remote management purposes.

You can feed the raw data from the FlightFeeder to another device (e.g. a Pi or whatever) on your network that could run tar1090 or VRS or whatever you need if you need to do something custom with it. The FlightFeeder provides data on the usual ports (e.g. 30005 for raw Beast-format data)

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You’ll need the hex numbers for all tail numbers.
You might get those by putting the tail number in the tar1090 search field but that will only work if it’s in the database.

As described you’ll need your own pi or a spare x86 linux computer to run tar1090.

Then it does not work. You should have mentioned this in your first post :wink:

My first post has nothing to do with PiAware. The question was about FlightAware.com. You assumed that I was contributing with a PiAware device.

You have posted this in ADS-B Tracking subforum
and not on Flightaware in General. That’s why we have to assume you’re talking about your own tracking.