Display only certain aircraft on the Map

So here is a question I have been trying to answer for quite some time. I consider myself fairly tech savy, and have some experience in coding in php and html, but never dealt with a “live” page such as aircraft moving on a map. I am looking at setting up a second ADS-B receiver at my local airport (in addition to one I have at my home), and would love to feed this data to flightaware. Would like to see if anyone has customized the aircraft viewable on the map, as I would only like to display certain aircraft on the map (all of these aircraft are part of a fleet that operate in the local area). Would love some help or guidance on how this could be accomplished. I am willing to use piaware, or dump1090 and feed all data to flightaware. So to summerize, I would like to feed all data to flightaware, but only want to display certain aircraft on the map. All the aircraft are or will be ADS-B equipped in the near future.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

If you can identify the local aircraft by icao code, then it would be fairly trivial to ‘highlight’ then on the local map. I could imagine that these would have aircraft icons and labels, where as non-local trafic is displayed in some other way (I wonder if it is wise to hide these as their presence is surely useful for safety purposes), perhaps as a generic icon, or very small ‘dot’


I know the ICAO hex codes, and like that idea, but in my area, I am mostly picking up high altitude aircraft, and the ones of interest I want to show are “low” altitude. I am just not real sure about how to “highlight” those aircraft. I have found that Dump1090/Dump1090-FA use JSON files to track data, and I have absolutely no idea how to use this (I am completely self taught in my computer regards). I just have no clue how to manipulate these files… But I definitely like the idea of highlighting the ones I want to track, and making a small dot of the rest. But I will be happy with either way!

If you are running dump1090-fa, drop me a PM and I can help you set this up