Only my own ADS-B Flights on Map

Hey Guys,

is there a way/setting to take a look on a live map with only my submitted ADS-B flights wire PiAware on Flightaware?



edit: I don’t want to watch them on my local network with dump1090

To view your own, go to your flightaware profile, then My ADS-B, scroll down a lil bit and on the right it will say **“web interface” ** click that :slight_smile:

He said he doesn’t want to do that:


If you have a Windows machine, you could use Virtual Radar Server instead of the Dump1090 web stuff.

Most of the feeder sites are in business to coalesce data, and not act as a remote viewer for thousands of sites.

I dont think Flightaware has such facility.

However, Flightradar24 has a method to do so. There is a filter button. Set your station’s name (assigned by Flightradar24 when you registered e.g. T-CYYZ30) in the filter, and map will display planes only from that station. If you have more than one station, you can add one filter for each station.