Own ADS-B tracking over Internet

I’m new to Flight Aware and have PiAware running on a Raspberry Pi feeding Flight Aware. I can see my map tracking live on my local network, and I can see the statistics for my feed to Flight Aware on the Feeder Statistics page as well as those tracks to which my feed has contributed, but is there any way for me to view only my live tracking on a map screen over the Internet? In other words, I’d like to see my feed remotely, using either a web browser or the Flight Aware iPhone or iPad apps (both of which I have installed and logged in). On my Statistics page I see my location on the map at the top, but no aircraft tracks.
Thanks, Alan, ahr10023@gmail.com

Port forward the http port you need to your raspberry on your router. Then you will be able to access it anywhere on the Web.

Thanks very much for the port forwarding suggestion. You’re right, it would do the job.

I would recommend a free dynamic dns service so you don’t have to remember your IP address or have to check to see what it is if it changes. I use NO-IP.org for my ham radio stuff.


Just remember you are opening that port to the entire world.


And stock dump1090 has a bad tendency to crash and/or leak memory on certain requests.
At a minimum I’d put a reverse proxy in front of it (ideally with access rules to restrict URLs to those that should be requested only)

Yes - and esp be super careful with how and with whom you share that URL. I’ve had some nasty experience in the past.

Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions. I think in view of the risk I’ll forego the port forwarding. Instead, I’ll use the iPad app and hope that one of the tracks is incorporating my data!

Alan, K2RHK