I need help getting data that I want.

hex, flights, ICAO, Altitude, Lat/Long and so on that which we can see on the flightaware.com viewing live data
but instead I want them as a data and want to show all the data at the same time ‘online’.

And I am almost newbie to Linux so more specific instruction would be very helpful :smiley:

Help plz!

I’m not understand what you needs when you click on airplane you got all that info

Yes but I can check data one at a time by clicking a plane on the map.
I want all the plane’s data shown at the same time.
And more specifically i want them as a file.

The raw data is likely to be an asset to the company. As such, you’d probably need to negotiate access and a price with them.

flightaware.com/commercial/data/adsb/ is perhaps what you are after

And so you are getting exorbitant costs…

Well, alternatively you can set up your own network of receivers. That’s not free either.

If you just want data from the receivers you run yourself, then that’s available direct from dump1090 on ports 30002/30003/30005.

Probably you want to use something like Virtual Radar Server. You can set up whats shown on the list it shows the way you want.


I have my own receiver.
Thank you for your answer. But if you can tell me where dump1090 is that would be very thankful :smiley:.
I still ain’t good at my receiver.

If you are running a piaware receiver, then it will already be using dump1090 to receive data. You should just be able to connect to those ports and get data.