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ADSB data Logging

Hello, I am very new to this. I have purchased the flightaware receiver and antenna and I have a Ras pi 3 but am not able to connect to any form of internet so I’m not trying to feed the data to flightaware. All I want to do is to connect it to a windows PC or a Ras pi and save the ADSB data to daily log files (.txt or .csv) Either on the hard drive of the PC or to a thumb drive plugged into the Pi.

Is this possible? If so I would be happy to paypal someone like $50 to get me going. ('m not a coder) Thank you!

This is a good read to give you some insight:

Exploring Port 30003 and 30106

Even for local viewing i would recommend using the piaware image if you are a beginner:
Here is how to do that with the RPi


You can build logging on top of that and view the local map.
What kind of data do you want to log and what do you want to do with the data?

If you just want an overview of the volume of traffic, these graphs are easy to install:

Maybe you want something like this:
Daily Log/E-Mail Aircraft Report directly on your RaspberryPi

It’s a little harder to set up.
But there has been interest in it anyway, i might make the setup easier.
(No bribes please :wink: i do this for fun not money so it might take a week or two)

Thanks for the reply! So I have already done the piaware image and it worked great for feeding the data to flightaware and I was able to see it on my flight aware map. I work at a place that builds optical sensors, our facility is located at an airport, in development of the sensors we watch the planes come and go but have no way of knowing how large they are or how far away they are. We collect the time stamped optical data and it would be handy to be able to go back in in the log and look at what plane was in the air in the direction we were looking and can calculate how far it was from us using the lat/lon/alt data. And even google the tail number to find out what kind of plane it was.

It’s fine if it only writes to the SD card, I just thought a USB stick would be physically easier to deal with. I can always get a bigger SD card so the file size is not an issue. I would just like it to close the file and start a new one each day if possible.

So they gave me authorization to purchase more hardware so I got the high gain 1090 antenna and bandpass filter and even purchased the “flightbox plus” from open flight solutions, but this just sends the data via Bluetooth to a tablet or phone to be displayed on a map in the app. I assumed one of these apps would have logging capability but I can’t find one that does. Thank you for any help and I will be more than happy to shoot you some money for any work you do!

I’m not sure if this is useful for you, but i’ve finally made some install for a timelapse/ history playback webinterface i made some time ago:


You can’t save the file but you can check within 24 hours if and what kind of plane was close to you.

On Github, my own humble shell and Python scripts from 2015 are based on sniffing port 30003, and building a CSV file containing full-resolved entries (datetime/flight/lat/lon/elev/dist/az/alt). The only use I had (so far) for this was to use a further ‘awk’ script to generate a ‘antenna range/distance’ KML file for Google Maps.

The main purpose of my script, however, is to generate Google Mail for warn me ahead of time for nearby flights likely to be within visual/photographic distance.

After leaving this project untouched for last few years, I have now returned to it after getting my ADS-B feeder working again (turns out that my antenna had become disconnected on the top of my mast). I have now found a few tiny bugs in my code, which I am currently patching. :slight_smile:

Flight Warning GitHub

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Wow thank you very much! I will try this next week at work! Currently we’re just using PuTTy to telnet to port 30003 and just saving the decoded data to a .csv on a windows laptop connected via ethernet which seems to be working okay.