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Searching previous ADSB Data from receiver?

Hello! I currently feed to a few different sources. (Mainly I just look at my local dump1090-fa map).

I’m curious if there is a way (via a service or otherwise) to search for previous flights for data I have sent to Flight Aware or other places.

You mean a database of all your recorded flights?
That’s not possible without modifications

The alternative interface tar1090 offers some history functionality, the experts should give you some advice here.

The more comfortable version is VRS (virtualradarserver) which is capabable to create and update a database with information about the flights in range.

Yeah, the goal is just to view a record (or search) “seen” flights by my receiver.

I’ve heard about VRS - is there a “simple” way to set it up? Any info on setting up VRS/tar1090 would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Tar is very easy to set up as it gives simply an additional interface. It’s developed by @wiedehopf who is here one of the moderators.

VirtualRadarServer requires some more work, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds like.
You will need to perform some additional steps, but the database is more complete and you can work on it with third party applications (data is stored in a SQLite database)

Here is the source site:

There is a document created in this blog:

This describes the basic install, you will need the additional database writer plugin, this is described on the VRS page itself.