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Plane feed log

hi all, is there a way i can keep a log of all planes i have picked up, rather than just seeing them ‘live’ on the tracer screen?

I have used this script for a while. It gave me a daily overview of all aircraft once per day

But now i moved over to Virtual Radar Server which has an extended logging functionality. It can coexist with a running dump1090 and gets the data from it.


yes i have tried virtual radar. i downloaded the plugins? i beleive it is logging to a file, but how do i view the files? its making .sql files? what do i open the data in?

VRS can create a file named BaseSation.sqb.

This is nothing special, it is in SQLite format. you could install the ODBC driver for SQLite, download the file from your Pi to your desktop PC and use Excel/Access for it.
Or you can download an SQLite tool, open the DB and export the table in a format like CSV or XLS

Together with the Database for standing data you can get a complete solution giving you all aircraft and flights which are passing your receiver.

This is a replay for the last 24h, not sure if that’s what you are looking for.


ok thanks guys, i will give i a try