ADS-B logs


Just set everything up yesterday and loving it. Is there a way to log all your captures? Or does the info just go into Flight Aware database? When you go to your personal log page it shows some recent captures but that’s it. Thanks in advance.



Not yet, but we’re working on having a better interface for that in the next few weeks.


Awesome. Thank you for your hard work.


If you are using PlanePlotter, there is a daily log produced by the program in the “Log” directory. It requires SQLite or other suitable application to view it. It shows all aircraft within a 24 hour period received by your device. For example yesterday’s log showed 3552 entries, some of which were duplicates (receiver did not immediately get flight number is the biggest reason).

The log shows registration, type, route and first and last reception, and can be altered to suit your needs. There are many variables, to what goes into the report, including aircraft “seen” from other sharers.




I’m interested in a variation of this where I’d like to save all captured data to the sdcard or an NFS export for a “replay” later. Is it possible by saving the dump1090 output on port 30005?


Further to Ken’s reply PP has the facility to play back the day’s traffic received


I was looking for almost the same thing… ie a record of flights my PI has seen.
Here are some context diffs to interactive.c which is one of the files in dump1090_mr-master
from flightawares github site. It just creates an ever growing file /tmp/new_aircrafts that contains
the current time and the 6 hex digits of the flight. This will only record NEW flights.
BUT, If your dump1090 looses a flight (no msgs within 60 seconds) and then receives it again
it looks like a new flight. I manually get rid of these be postprocessing and getting rid of lines
with a duplicated second field.

*** ORIG/interactive.c 2014-10-11 08:19:59.676213338 -0400
— interactive.c 2014-10-11 09:06:24.751586993 -0400

*** 264,274 ****
— 264,278 ----
return NULL;

  // Lookup our aircraft or create a new one
  a = interactiveFindAircraft(mm->addr);
  if (!a) {                              // If it's a currently unknown aircraft....
  •   FILE *fd = fopen("/tmp/new_aircrafts","a");
  •   time_t mytime = time(NULL);
        a = interactiveCreateAircraft(mm); // ., create a new record for it,
  •   fprintf(fd,"%20.20s %06X


  •   fclose(fd);
        a->next = Modes.aircrafts;         // .. and put it at the head of the list
        Modes.aircrafts = a;
    } else {
        /* If it is an already known aircraft, move it on head
         * so we keep aircrafts ordered by received message time.