Flight history?

I feel this is a total Newb question but I went back a few pages and searched and came up empty. Is there a way, on the website, to look at the “hits” I got last night? Or am I limited to looking on the log on the rPi? Had a friend fly in last night and I am trying to see if I got data from it…

While I’m still curious if I can see my own history online, I did the tracklog online and noticed it was a CRJ-200 - so nope, didn’t hear it.

There’s no quick way to see your own track history other than what is recent on your ADS-B tracking page, unless you look the tracklogs up for specific flights.

On the tracklogs your account name will appear next to the station ID if it belonged to you and which MAC address was used (to differentiate between multiple sites on your account).

If you want to capture the full history of what you saw, you’ll need to set something up on your side.
The data available from the FA website is aggregated data from many receivers, rather than just yours.

A word of caution - this can end up being a lot of data!

Some options:

You could grab output from port 30003 and record it; this is parsed message information, one line per received message.

You could capture data from faup1090 (piaware 2.0 and earlier: port 10001; piaware 2.1 and later: faup1090’s stdout) and record that; this is the same set of info that Flightaware receives, periodic updates of aircraft state, one aircraft update per line.

VRS has some history writer plugins that I have not explored.

It is relatively straightforward to log things to a database, if you have a little experience with PHP and MySQL or something else. There is actually a great tutorial by sonicgoose here: http://sonicgoose.com/my-ads-b-log-is-now-online/ that walks through setting up a batch job to dump flights out of basestation.sqb (generated by the VRS database writer plugin). The resulting CSV file is then imported into MySQL.

Writing the nice web pages to display the data is a lot more work - one alternative would be to install phpMyAdmin if you just want an easy way to be able to search, etc.

As obj notes, the data will add up over time. I get ~6500 flights per day, which seems to work out to 4-5MB per day added to the database.


I have a Python script that takes Dump1090 data and calls a PHP script. The PHP scripts loads the received data into a MySQL database on my hosting site. I have supporting tables to tie more info about each aircraft/hexcode. From that data, I have a tracking map and table-based pages that show all observed aircraft and a subset of government/military aircraft.


Nice I like that idea. Nice job. :smiley: