Updating aircraft database in dump1090-mutability


Hi all,
Having some issues here with updating the database in dump1090-mutability.
There is a readme file in d1090 tools and I have tried to follow it but the link

wget http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Files/BasicAircraftLookup.sqb.gz

is not maintained any longer.

vrs give a new sqb at


This is an . sqb file type
There are some python scripts in the dump1090-mutability/dump1090/tools folder and the readme file.
Could someone perhaps walk me through updating please as I have had no luck ?

I have lots of a/c that have changed reg recently and the markers do not show up for a\c type , presumably due to outdated db.

Many Thanks in advance.

ps for Joes script (adsb-receiver), the tools folder is in



I use VRS, and I thought it did that automatically, regardless of the ADS-B decoder used. Do you have the database writer plugin installed and enabled?

I may be missing something here, if that’s the case, my apologies.


This does not appear to be a like for like replacement. there is no aircraft table in it.

If you have VRS it is possible to use that database and create the dump1090 db. I do this via a mySql server running on the pi, but it may be possible to do this direct with this script, I’ll see if I can get a few minutes to try


Ok, using my vrs database I amended vrs-to-csv.py here:

This generates the csv fine (95k+ rows). I then fed this into csv-to-json.py and it parsed it and created the json files

It only parsed 45k+ rows but on investigation it seems only about 50% of my 95k+ aircraft have all the data (eg not just icao).