Web interfaces/plotting programs. Which ones do you use?

what are you using to see to map output from DUMP1090?
I have to following installed and running;
3D Maps

Programs install onto my Pi feeder
Both these feeder programs are sharing a common directory called data which contain a basestation.sqb, Flightroute.sqb. Logo folder and a silhouttes folder.

I do notice by using a basestation.sqb file I get better information about the aircraft.

VRS with my own basestation.sqb, but I have it on my Windows PC, not running all the time on the Pi.

For the .SQB, install the VRS plugin, and let it run over a period of time to build it up. If you are a member of ADS-B Exchange, get a feed from them and buid the “mother of all .SQB”.:grinning:

Logos and Silhouettes galore are available from:

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I have downloaded the logos and silhoutes from radar spotting.com

Depending on my daily mood i am either using the stock PiAware interface, Tar1090 or retro
Tried VRS as well, but i don’t like it.

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That’s not available at the moment, due to people using the data commercially without giving something back.
Obivously that’s a hot topic over at the forums.

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