Dump1090 Options

Hi everyone
Recently I implemented dump1090 on my raspberry pi and every things work fine , I have 10 raspberry pi in different locations connected to different networks. I want to send all of these data to a single web server and see the data in a single place from all of my raspberry pi. I ran the command ./dump1090 --help and it showed me couple of options , I am wondering if any one these options may send the data to a single web server(for example --net-bind-address IP address to bind to (default: Any; Use for private)). I know that raspberry has a built in radar which shows the data online when you type in your browser but I want to see other raspberry pies data simultaneously

Thanks in advance

How about Virtual Radar Server?


It can combine data from different sources and plot on a map

Virtual Radar server is great since it combines and visualizes multiple feeds.

If you just want to combine all the feeds into one you can also use a program like modes mixer 2.

Please don’t feed the combine feeds to other services.

Have a look here for some suggestions


I have a few RPis feeding another system running dump109-mut without an RTL-SDR adapter.

A little socat based script on the aggregation system and it all works great.