Displaying 2 sites on 1 map

I have two sites running dump1090-fa and PiAware.
Both sites are feeding to FlightAware.

I’m planing on moving the one site to a different location about 100km’s away to cover that area.
Would it be possible to view to aircraft of both sites on one map?
How could this be done and what would be needed to achieve this?

Install Virtual Radar Server and configure both radars on it…
You can then see both radars on the same map.

I haven’t looked at Virtual Radar Server yet, will it run on the Raspberry Pi?
Does it offer the same features as the dump1090-fa map?

VRS runs on Windows computer, and gets data from Pi through LAN or through Internet.

Redirecting Piaware 3.3.0 to remote Virtual Radar Server VRS

Thank you, I’ll have a look at that link.

Are there any solutions that runs on the Raspberry Pi?
I would prefer not to run a Windows PC constantly.

dump1090 will do it, but you will need to sort out the glue yourself: run a 3rd dump1090 instance in --net-only mode and use socat/netcat to feed data from port 30005 on each receiver to the 3rd instance’s port 30004 (or whatever is configured via --net-bi-port)

nb: do not feed the other receiver’s data into an existing dump1090 that piaware is reading data from, it will break mlat.

Thank you obj,
I’ll look into your solution.

Anybody can explain step by step the process?

I have now 5 equipments in different place, in two countries and it will be nice merge all data.



There are basically two ways to accomplish that:
Collect data from sources and feed it to the dump1090 instance with the net-only option. Here, you need to ensure that this combined data is not fed anywhere(flightaware and others).

Or you do a hack of the web interface, where you create a combined aircraft.JSON with data from all your sources. I did something similar, but added data from the opensky API to my dump1090 web interface.

Aggregation of dump1090-mutability outputs