Piaware Skyview plane count vs Virtual Radar plane count


This is more for me to understand if there are settings I am overlooking on one or the other as they for me they perform very differently. The Virtual Radar range plots are what I was after…

So I am doing some testing and sorting out antennas and whatnot.The Raspberry Pi is running headless with Piaware Dump1090-FA and most of the time its easier for me to work with the laptop to test.

I am running Virtual Radar and Dump1090 on my Windows laptop and plugging either the FA dongles or RTL-SDR v3 etc directly in to fiddle with hardware and observe results. But I cannot seem to replicate results once I put a tested configuration on the Pi.

Virtual Radar continually displays more planes and more planes with positions- at times 20% more and sometimes close to double the amount. ( and unlike the Piaware config the VRS is not set up with MLAT so those differences are ADS-B only…)

Tonight I pointed the VRS at the Pi, so Piaware Skyview and VRS were simultaneously receiving the same data at the same time from the same Blue FA dongle and antenna,feed coax, etc. Still the same noticeable difference in displayed planes. Traffic is dwindling tonight, so atm Skyview 9/14, Virtual Radar 15/23.

Granted they are not the same software- but why are the results different ?


Heres screenshots: Flightaware Skyview running on Piaware 3.5.3, Virtual Radar running against Port 30005 on the same Raspberry pi being fed the same stream from the FA blue SDR.
Even using the more restrictive recommended ICAO settings for the raw feed…results were so starkly different I tried a new power supply, rebuilt and updated the Raspberry Pi install, etc. to no effect.


The timeout period for each may be different.
Piaware is 1 minute. VRS may be a little longer. 5 minutes, I think.


you have set the same gain and the antenna position is the same?


@jonhawkes2030 good thought, I just checked the raw feed settings and tried adjusting a few- did not make much difference. Here’s what their ICAO specifications settings default to:


@wiedehopf One Raspberry Pi running Piaware & Dump1090-fa, one antenna in a fixed location, one FA dongle, gain set to AGC and actively feeding Flightaware.

All I’m doing is simultaneously pointing Virtual Radar Server that is running on my laptop at Port 30005 on that same running Pi to get the Beast Raw feed input out of the receiver for Virtual Radar. It is the same exact data that Piaware is operating with.

If I unplug the FA dongle from the Pi and plug it into the laptop and use Dump1090 on the laptop and VRS I get the same disparity of results.


Oh i see i’m sorry. Didn’t properly read the question until the end.

Frankly i have no idea then. Actually i do know. You have an altitude filter set in your SkyView :slight_smile: (it’s on the right side above the table, just click reset)

Never mind the following you have your trees to worry about as i see in the other thread.
(By the way the blue FA dongle should do fine with less gain than AGC typically as it has an integrated amplifier before the actual stage that uses the gain setting. I run mine at a gain of 38 and that’s with a cantenna and under the roof. Even with the DVB stub antenna set on a can setting 44 was quite enough)


@wiedehopf That was it- I had let someone see and play with the web page and never thought to reset the altitude filter. Foolish rookie mistake on my part !! :astonished:

Thank you


did you try to compare Skyview and Planeplotter ? in several cases, same set-up as yours, PP displays far away aircraft ahead of Skyview by a lot of seconds. (nothing to do with the 10min timeout of PP).



Try under the General Options: Remove from display and Remove from tracking.

Apologies FA, only post on the topic.