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Multiple PI systems on one account

Hi, I currently have a system with excellent coverage in the centre of Kent UK nearby a local airfield. Whilst tracking of regional aircraft is excellent, some local aircraft departing and arriving at the local airfield overwhelm the receiver and are not decoded. I have a 2nd system and wondered if its possible to setup a local system with smaller antenna more likely to receive these local aircraft but feed the data into my same account? Any help appreciated

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Feeding into the same site makes MLAT impossible. So i wouldn’t recommend that.

But you can just claim another piaware site, it doesn’t matter if it is at the same location.
Both sites will show up on the stats for your account, you can select them via the orange bar.

You can also just reduce the gain if you want to receive local aircraft which are currently overwhelming your receiver, it’s not really necessary to do anything with the antenna.

You could then combine both systems into one map with something like this: https://github.com/wiedehopf/combine1090#combine1090
(Both maps are still available separately, the feeds to piaware are also still separate)


Many thanks for your quick reply. Much appreciated, I’ll look into that


Same account. Yes. I have several.
I did see eight for one account a few years ago.

Feeding the primary is possible. Only one can do MLAT. The other/s would need to feed without timing information. AVR is good for this. You could use beast splitter to do this.

Another alternative to @wiedehopf and @jonhawkes2030 suggestions;

I have 4 Pis running vanilla Piaware images at one location on the one account all independently feeding Flightaware.

Using Virtual Radar Server
(VRS) on a Windows PC I can see the combined output of the ADS-B and MLAT from the four receivers.

Big bonus of using VRS is No changes to the Pi is required.

This is the combined output in VRS showing which Pi contributed which planes.

Lots os choices.


EDIT The top user has 16 sites feeding on the one account


I have something similar. I run VRS on another RPI.
VRS can display the 10,000 ranges that each receiver gets.

to use the ModeSMixer2 software to combine multiple ADS-B datastreams into a single stream.

Using ModeSMixer2, how do you pipe the outserver back into PiAware for upload?

receiver-type relay

Do you actually use it like that? I’m not sure how that would work.

Could you describe the actual setup you are using on the various receivers?
(Oh i forgot ModeSMixer runs on a separate computer, kinda makes sense now. But on the pi which you are using the relay option on you won’t be able to use as a receiver or will you?)

I’m curious, why would you want to do that? You lose MLAT capability.

./modesmixer2 --inConnect localhost:30005 --inConnect localhost:30105 --inConnect piaware2:30005 --inConnect piaware2:30105 --outServer msg:10001 --outServer beast:10002 --location X:Y --web 8765

I use 2 PiAware stations that independently “broadcast” on FA. I use this program for local statistics and a unified map.

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Not so sure you would loose MLAT. Based on the following diagram that looks to still translate…

–inConnect localhost:30105 … --inConnect piaware2:30105

  • TCP port 30105 for multilateration results (only) in Beast binary format (for FlightFeeders, the device must be running 7.x or newer software)

Green - MLAT

MLAT only works if it has ONE receiver as a clock source.
It won’t work with two USB dongles feeding the beast packets.

It has been discussed at length and confirmed by testing and obj who is the maintainer of the MLAT system for flightaware.

As has been mentioned if you remove timing information from one receiver by using AVR i believe it might work, have never tried it though.
Of course you would only have MLAT for the messages from one receiver.

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