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Two Pi one Account two country's

Can I run two PI feeds on one account but from 2 different country’s :slight_smile: ? and if yes how

Yes. Just claim them.
There are several users with receivers in different continents.

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No problem running widely spaced receivers.

Well, one problem. You need to be on the local network to claim the site.
If someone else is setting the receiver up for you, you could log into a remote PC (local to the receiver) with TeamViewer or similar. Then log into your Flightaware account and claim the receiver.

So long as you have the feeder ID you can claim from anywhere via a magic URL: append the feeder ID to https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim/. This is how the “claim this feeder” link in the piaware sdcard landing page works.

(Making this more obvious e.g. a guided website UI to claim by feeder ID is on the todo list for when the claim process gets some attention)


Is this new or did I miss it? (I haven’t added a new site in a couple of years)

This is really handy.
I never knew about apending feeder-id to claim url till I read @obj’s post above.

It has been around since 3.5.0 or thereabouts, but never really documented anywhere.

Interesting “magic” trick.

I was struggling the other day because my clients are using a VPN, therefore the claim did not work. I needed to temporarily disable the VPN on the client which i used for setting it up.