ADS-B and MLAT Data Recording


what i’m trying to achieve is: record all data (ads-b and mlat feedback from flightaware) of flights e.g. 20 miles around my station.
does anybody of you guys have an idea if there is a way - and if so what is the simplest/best way?

thanx in advance


Something like Virtual Radar Server?


about 2 years ago i’ve had virtual-radar-server installed in a virtual machine on one of my macs. but as i only have macs (beside the raspis) it was a little uncomfortable in the vm and via mono it was very unstable. the plugin i usd was the database-writer plugin and as far i remember not all messages were recorded and there was no way to record only messages from a given distance.

don’t know whether things moved forward or are there better solutions now?


May be SQL database of. Web Portal (advance installation) can do the job. Not sure, never installed advanced option. Some one who has installed it can tell.

ADS-B Receiver Project Setup Scripts