Tracking Blocked Aircraft


I saw this happen a few months ago and I’m not sure if it was a glitch or some sort of test, but is it possible to display blocked flights (ie show the aircraft flying between two airports, but the registration showing “Blocked”. A lot of times I want to track a plane this is blocked but I know its origin/destination and can figure out if it’s the right plane or not.

Also, does FA factor in blocked tail numbers in the airport activity graphs??


In short, no to the question about viewing blocked aircraft. The ability was a glitch that was fixed. The idea of being able to view an aircraft with “blocked” as the ID goes against the whole purpose of blocking aircraft.


Here is a link to the event in question. … ht=blocked


I was wondering if all sports teams’ aircraft are blocked. I found the tail number for the Seattle Seahawks and saw it was blocked. I went to the Titans vs. Raiders game in Nashville this year and saw the Raiders Hawaiian Airlines MD-11 at BNA after the game. Anyone know the answer?


It’s up to the aircraft owner, not the sports team for determination of whether the tail number should be blocked.

The plane is probably used for other needs besides shuttling teams around the country.

So to answer your question, probably not.



Hawaiian never flew the MD-11. They also got rid of their DC-10’s a while back.

If it was Hawaiian then it would more than likely be a 767. That would be able to be tracked under the Hawaiian code of HAL.

What was the date of the Titan/Raiders game?


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Raiders Go For Six On Hawaiian
HONOLULU The NFL regular season kicks off this week and the Oakland Raiders are flying Hawaiian-style whenever they take to the road.

Hawaiian Airlines, that is. For the sixth straight year, Hawaii’s biggest and longest-serving carrier will be the Oakland Raiders’ airline of choice whenever The Team of the Decades travels to an away game.

Using its wide-body, twin-aisle Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, Hawaiian is providing chartered nonstop service for Oakland’s players, coaches, trainers, and team officials.

To keep the players nourished and comfortable while traveling, Hawaiian’s Silver and Black in-flight service will feature extra-large, hearty meals along with fresh fruit, candy baskets and any special requests. Up to three first-run movies will be shown on flights.

Raiders executive Marc Badain commented, Hawaiian Airlines continues to demonstrate a true ‘Commitment to Excellence.’ Our players, coaches and staff look forward to a sixth consecutive season of first-class service.

Starting with this week’s opener against the New England Patriots, Hawaiian is flying the Raiders to eight cities for road games during the season: Providence, Philadelphia, Nashville, Kansas City, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Newark, and Denver.

Should Oakland qualify for post-season play, Hawaiian will have first option to fly the team to any road playoff game including Super Bowl XL in Detroit.

My bad, I think I saw a pic of their old DC-10 and that stuck in my head. The game was on October 28th.

You guys know of any other teams’ tail numbers or have pictures?


Aircraft chartered for sports teams often fly under airline codes instead of by tail number.