Blocked Numbers

If a plane has opted to block it’s tail numbers will it still show up as an “unknown” departure or arrival at a particular airport, or will it not show up at all?

Using N1KE as an example…

This flight is not available for tracking per request from the owner/operator

Also, check here…From the FAQs

Blocked flights will not appear on the airport boards.

I just flew into my local airport and checked FA after landing. On the little map in the upper right the only aircraft showing information (n#, type, speed, alt) was a GIV showing up about 100miles away. When I looked up the tail number it said blocked. Also when I expanded the little map into a full page it did not show up. I thought this was interesting.

I just pulled up LWS Lewiston, ID and its showing up on their local map too.

I too have encountered that. I haven’t been smart enough to get a screen capture or anything to try to sort it out.

That’s an anomaly that can occur if the aircraft was blocked within a day or so and the database hasn’t propagated throughout our infrastructure.

Don’t know if anyone has asked this before, but would it be possible to have an option to show blocked flights on the arrivals (at least) tab ? Similar to the commercial/general aviation on-off toggle.

If there’s a blocked BBJ (say) on the way to my local, I’d like to pop out and see/photo it. All I need is the aircraft type and ETA, although the track map would be nice too.

No biggy.

We’re not permitted to disclose the aircraft type of blocked aircraft.