Blocked tail numbers


It would really be useful to us FBO types if FlightAware would display the flight status of air traffic which operate with a blocked tail number. The call sign display could simply read as “Blocked”! Most other flight trackers use this method. That way, If we are expecting a Gulfstream III from KTTN into KMMU, we would be better able to provide excellent customer service by knowing just when to expect our customer’s arrival times!!!


Click on “Commercial Services” in the toolbar to the left.


Youre right, that would help out the FBOs. Ive seen many FBO’s using flightaware to track inbound flights. Being free, its WAY cheaper than any of the programs out there! Some FBO’s even have flatscreens monitors haning on the wall showing that airport’s traffic activity for all to see.


I would second this request, I would pay a small fee if only for chances for spotting. Its useful to know if an unusual aircraft is coming in and makes aviation more fun in general.


Tail numbers are blocked for any number of reasons – personal security, corporate security, prevention of business ‘espionage’ by one’s competitors, etc.

If all it took to bypass blocking was a small fee, soon we’d see that the FAA would be pressured to block everything.

Personally, I’d like to follow every plane in the sky. However, beware of wishes that are granted. Other things that we now take for granted can just as easily be taken away from us.


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