Tracking activity for a specific N#

Brand new to this group and I’ve looked for this answer but can’t seem to find the answer. Is there a way to track the flight activity of a general aviation N numbered aircraft rather than just the last flight. I’ve read some comments about activity of an aircraft but can’t find a way to access this information. Thanks.


Typing in the N-number brings up the last flight, but near the bottom of that tracking page you should see “more past flights”.
Clicking on that you should be able to access all flights for that aircraft for the past 3 months, and to view the actual tracking of each of those flights you must click on the date next to that leg.
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I assume you have put the tail number in the Flight/Tail# query box of the Flight tracker. That should give you a recent flight history of that tail number. Keep in mind that:

  1. VFR flights will not appear.
  2. Local flights usually will not appear, as the controller doesn’t pass the flight to the national system.
  3. Flights conducted under a call sign would appear under the call sign, with tail number info not avail to FA.

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When I track this number it only shows the last flight to be May 30, 2006. But, I know this to be wrong because it ran off the runway in Florida on 3-11-2007 according to the FAA records. Maybe it was sitting in Florida since May30, 2006 and this was the first flight since then but that doesn’t sound correct for a Lear 35A. That’s a lot of down time.


Registration is N18CV BTW.

Possibly it’s been doing most of its flying outside the country which wouldn’t show up on FlightAware.

It may not have been flying under that N number. It may have been flying under a “JetSpeed” or “NetJets” callsign/flight number.

The N-Number is reserved.
It was cancelled as the Learjet’s number on June 1, 2006 because it was exported to the Cayman Islands.

FAA REGISTRY shows the following information for N18CV:

Reserved N-Number Type Reservation Hold
Mode S Code 50237231
Reserved Date 06/01/2006
Renewal Date None
Purge Date 06/01/2008
Pending Number Change None
Date Change Authorized None
Street None
City None
Zip Code None

Deregistered Aircraft 1 of 1

Aircraft Description
Serial Number 016 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name GATES LEAR JET Certificate Issue Date 02/14/2002
Model 35 Mode S Code 50237231
Year Manufacturer 1975 Cancel Date 06/01/2006
Reason for Cancellation Exported Exported To CAYMAN ISLANDS

Aircraft Registration prior to Deregistration

Street 1825 PONCE DE LEON BLVD STE 487
City CORAL GABLES State FLORIDA Zip Code 33134-4418

I forgot it was cancelled but it is still wearing the N number and the FAA used this to identify it when it ran off the runway. But, I’m thinking this is not a good example for tracking activity due to the de-registration issue.