Tracking a certain Aircraft

Hello All,

I’ve recently been trying to track certain commercial aircraft on FlightAware, using the “Private Flight Tracker” function on the left side. However, when I try to track an aircraft such as C-GABO, it doesn’t work. Why aren’t all planes tracked? Is there any way to get FlightAware to track them?

Airline callsign instead of C-GABO? Not involving FAA? VFR? more?

A problem with tracking many Canadian aircraft is that the first three letters of the registration are often the 3 letter code for an airline. The CGA of C-GABO is the code for Congressional Air.

Looking at the “browse by operator” right now I found the following:
CGT - says its CNG-Transavia, Joint-Stock Company “Transgaz” but when you click on the link it’s actually CGTOG, a Canadian registered C56x.

CGA is supposedly flying right now but clicking on the link shows the flight for CGACA, a BE20.

Walmart, which has its flights blocked, often shows up because its 3 letter code is CGG, the start of the registration of several Canadian aircraft.

CGABO works for me, as does C-GABO. Tried a couple of other Jazz Dash-8s and they work too.

Yes, C-GABO does work, but it doesn’t show it’s recent
flights. I recently took a flight on C-GMON, which was an
Air Canada Jazz Dash 8, from Vancouver (YVR) to Prince
Rupert (YPR). When I got back, I tried tracking C-GMON, and
it only showed a flight that was supposedly done 39 weeks
ago, which was from Seattle to Vancouver, and I know that
this aircraft is currently active. Why isn’t it tracking
recent flights?

You’re right, they all seem to be ‘stale’. I guess Jazz stopped supplying tail nos at some point.