No recent tracking for Ottawa C-172


I fly a Cessna 172 from Ottawa Aviation Services, registration C-FUGD. Until Nov 2, all flights for this aircraft were tracked. Since then, no flights have been tracked … I’ve flown this aircraft a couple of times, and know it’s been used by others during this time.

Any idea why the tracking has stopped suddenly for this aircraft?


It wasn’t flown IFR is my first guess.


It’s a Canadian aircraft operated in Canada?


Which means 99 times out of 100 it is tracked like all other IFR flights on FA.

Either flight was VFR or Ottawa Tower was tracking C-172 flights previously as a means to maintain spacing around the airport. Controllers at CYOW have / will track VFR flights as a means to maintain safe separation within the airspace around the capital region. I had this discussion with a pilot who flies warbirds out of Gatineau. His VFR flights ( which consisted of a hop from Gatineau to Rockcliffe for the Sunday Summer Visits to the Canadian Aviation Museum ) were all tracked but he had not filed any flight plan.

xiz111, maybe you could provide some more details about your flight.

Just looking at your flight history, I may be correct on this one.


May be due to a change in ATC procedures and the local Canadian flights aren’t making it to the FAA and on to us.


I do notice a definate lack of c-152 / c-172 clutter around CYOW and CYUL. That is new, usually you can see the various student flights up and around. But then again it’s Friday evening.

edit, just checked around. CYEG ( Edmonton ) still tracking what appears to be training flights. No flight histories for any of these planes, but they are indeed being tracked on the local map. I checked Montreal, Ottawa and St. Hubert and there are no flight histories that have " VFR " or " n/a " for route info. since Nov. 2. So maybe indeed a change in procedure on how info is filed.


Just checked out CYOW, 11:30 EST. Lots of Cessna’s being tracked on local map, but they do not show up in any of flightaware histories. So same assumption, VFR flights are being tracked by Ottawa Control, but only as a way to track all flights in the area of the airport to maintain safe separation.

As mduell said, most likely a change in how the information is handled.

Just a point of interest here. Both Les Cedres Airport, CSS3 ( 25 nm wsw of CYUL) and Cornwall Regional CYCC ( 45 nm WSW of CYUL and 55nm SE of CYOW ) both have quite active flight schools and VFR activity, but rarely if ever are there any flights being tracked out of these facilities.