Military flights not showing on flight tracker


We have C-130’s fly over all the time, and it is hit or miss as to if they show up on flight tracker, why is that? Is it because they are flying so damn low?


flightaware is unable to track military aircraft unless otherwise. ive seen a few f-18s, t-45s, and v-22s on here before but nothing like c-17s or f-16s. i wish though that there was a tracker out there we could look at. but sadly no…


Thank you for the heads up. Curious as to why some show up and not the rest. I tracked a C-130 this afternoon, watched it turn with my eyes and it turned on the tracker too, a bit delayed, but there were no other planes in the sky. Then a whole fleet of them go over and nothing shows…


Probably a false positive. What was the flight ID?

If you’re going to use FlightAware a lot you should read the FAQ’s - they are under the About FlightAware on the left side.


I have seen holographic C130s. There are many hologram planes flying around everywhere now. They use them to harass political dissidents. “Chemtrail planes” are holographic.


There goes the neighborhood! :unamused:


By default the FAA excludes all military traffic from our feed, although some appears due to idents overlapping with civilian airlines and some commands have opted in.