Registrations not showing


I have noticed that the airplanes that will not show up for me are the C-F… idents where C-G… seem to show. Is there a different way to enter the ident to pull the aircraft?


Works for me, I tried 3 different ones. Maybe the one you want is blocked (if Canada can do that) ?


Blocked… is that something we fix with NavCanada? Its all the same fleet and not too worried about people watching. Not sure if it happens in Canada.



What’s the tail registration for the aircraft you’re trying to track?




I don’t see anything for either of those aircraft. Are you sure they’ve flown IFR in the last 6 months?


Definatly, I filed and flew both myself. Last night WXI did CYTH-CYCR-CYWG-CYNE-CYTH and JKM would have been Tuesday for the last trip CZFG-CJR3. Many times the flights don’t show in the system until they terminate or originate in CYWG (Winnipeg), but you can see it on radar, but even when I know WXI is coming in to CYWG it doesn’t show on their arrivals board or in the system under the ident.

And if I provide you with airport data can we put the corresponding ICAO code with it so I can use them as my as my monitored airports?



Do you perhaps file with a flight number ? That will take precedence over the tail number.


No we go as the registration.


C-FJKM shows now, but still waiting on C-FWXI.