Aircraft Missing


One of our company airplanes will not come up. They are always on and IFR flightplan, any ideas of how I could find the aircraft?


What’s the tail number or flight code? Your company may have elected to block it with the NBAA’s BARR program.


Our other aircraft show, but thats a possibility; its CFWXI


Ah, I saw your other thread and put two and two together.

Does CFWXI usually fly out of CJR3? There seems to be a lack of messages coming from that airport.


It often does maybe 33% of arrivals/ departures. However, when it is enroute to Winnipeg (CYWG) it does not show. You can check our other Medevac aircraft C-GOGT which does show with CJR3. All of our aircraft except WXI show, thats why I thought I would ask.