WJA Flights not showing at CYYJ


Just a heads up, most WestJet (WJA) flights to and from CYYJ (Victoria, BC, CA) have not been showing up in the Arrivals/Departures columns on the tracker page. This has been going on for a little while now but no hard change has come about. It is not system wide as there are still WJA flights showing under Arrivals/Departures at CYVR and CYYC.

I have got a job as a Ground Handler out at YYJ and would love to see whether the flights arrived and departed on time when I’m not there.



Westjet is a Canadian airline, and this is most likely because the flights operate entirely in canada, outside the flightaware service area.


The lack of WJA flights at CYYJ seems a bit odd; we usually pick up a good portion of domestic Canadian flights, including lots of JZA flights to CYYJ.


Most Canadian Domestic traffic can be tracked here. Problem arrises when tier three carriers use two letter ident codes. These are not picked up by FA.