Tick tock...

Tick tock, tick tock…

Who will be the first to spot the new feature?

Purchase the flight history?


Flight history reports are the old new feature.

mduell means the new new feature. :slight_smile:



No, E-METAR has been around forever. Heck, we had that even before we had flight tracking. The “June 3, 2004” date in the sample email is your clue :slight_smile:

Shows you how often I use that page!

All flights in a fleet such as



We have a winner.

Congratulations, you win free fleet tracking for, well, as long as FlightAware is around.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: kewl beans :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

(who wanted a fleet of emoticons to fleet track along)

Who says Friday the 13th is a bad day?
I’m glad this feature has been implemented.

just wondering, but i couldn’t find how to navigate to that feature by clicking on live tracking…i seem to only get to it by clicking on the link from this forum…Help would be nice please

I also noticed that there is a link to “all flights” up by the flight number and the airline logo.

You can bookmark flightaware.com/live/fleet/ and place it on your toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

I love the new feature, but would it be possible to view all fleet flights in the past 24 hours, for example, along with the currently enroute list?

This would help if you’re trying to track all charter and maintenance flights for an airline in a day, and not just the ones currently flying.

I noticed it but it didn’t click as a new feature! Thank you.

thank you for that idea, but i was hoping a link would be put on the live tracking page. It would be nice if there was a search box right on that page so if i want to search for a C750 i can go right to that page and type it in. Instead i have to bookmark (flightaware.com/live/fleet/AWI), i have to pull up a flight and then go to its tracking page and then click all flights next to the tail number just to get to the search page so i can search for what im looking for. I think flightaware has great features and shouldnt have them so hidden, make them more visible and add those search box’s or links to them, on the main live tracking page. I shouldnt have to fill up my bookmarks toolbar with links to all these flightaware features.

just my two cents,

It’s s matter of territory- there’s only so much space available on the screen.

Did you read what I said? You quoted it. You bookmark not the fleet (e.g. flightaware.com/live/fleet).

When you get the fleet listing (or aircraft listing) you can right click on the flight you are interested in and then open it up in a new window or tab.

There are several hundred aircraft codes. It would be impossible to have a link to all aircraft on one page. The way it is now works. It’s just a sampling of what can be done with FlightAware - it’ not suppose to be an inclusive listing of everything.

i understand just linking to the generic link and i was just saying add the search box or a generic link on the live tracking page. The page doesn’t look that cluttered to add two search boxes to the top of the page. I use the aircraft type search a lot and the fleet search and my bookmark tab is already jammed packed. I have bookmarked those links but im just saying it would be much nicer to have those search boxes easily located on the live tracking page. What about people who visit and dont read the forums? Might be hard for them to find that feature. Just think things should be easily accessible throughout the site.

That’s where reading the friggin’ manual (or, in this case, the Questions/Answers) come into play.