How do I search by airline?


A few months ago there was a post stating that tracking by airline was now available, eg. if I wanted to see all the BOE flights currently “live”.

Can someone give me the link again please? I’ve searched the FAQ but there is nothing about it, nor any links on the homepage to it.



If you look at the flight page of a certain flight, there should be an “All Flights” link next to the flight ID, which leads to the above linked page. I don’t understand why a link hasn’t been placed on the main page or someplace else, doesn’t make much sense.


Lack of space. As I’ve advised others, the best thing to do is to put a link on your links toolbar to this or any other feature you use often.


But there’s space for “browsing suggestions,” which take up a big chunk of the main tracking page? I don’t buy it.


I feel it’s more efficient to place a link on the links toolbar than having to go back to the browsing suggestion page to get to whatever you want to get to.


Sure it’s more efficient, but I’m looking at it from the view of a site administrator, and if I were one I wouldn’t want my new feature hidden deep in the site where no one knows where they are, and make them have to bookmark it to get to it.

If people start new threads asking where new features are, something is wrong.


Nothing is wrong except that people don’t read the announcements, the forum postings, or the Q&A’s.


Again, just poor business strategy. You want to appeal to the people coming here for the first time, and hook them with these kinds of features. People like that aren’t going to go digging through the forum and FAQ’s right away.

It’s the same as putting new products in the back room of a store, and then saying, “Oh well, they should have gone back there looking for it.”


Sounds like you are saying the site should cater to the lowest common denominator. In other words, dumb it down for the people not smart enough to spend a few minutes looking over the site. That, my dear sir, is totally wrong. I don’t believe in dumbing down things just because some people are too stupid or too lazy to do some research.


At the Car Lot

Customer: uh, I ordered a sunroof with this car. I can’t seem to find the swith to open and close it.

Salesperson: Oh yeah, there’s a botton under the dash somewhere, just find it and you’ll be able to operate the sunroof no prob.

Customer: uh, where under the dash?

Salesperson: Just look around under the dash or ask someone else who has the same car as you you with a sunroof. I’m sure you’ll find it!

Customer: Wouldn’t it be easier to have a switch ’ on ’ the dash?

Salesman: Maybe, just stick a post it note on the dash so you don’t forget where it is once you find it.

I could have used BMW dealer and replaced sunroof with " iDrive "



On my planet Dave the marketing department ALWAYS sells to the “lowest common denominator”.

KISS! It’s just good business.


I believe I indicated in another post that we’re working on this. Keep in mind that you can always click “all flights” on a particular airline flight’s page to see all their flights.

As far as adding it to the main interface, you have to recognize that simplicity is a feature and FlightAware’s primary functions being so intuitive were not an accident. We need to ensure that remains the same, so we’re careful to add a million links to every page.


My dear sir, I don’t see how you got “dumbing down” from putting a link on the front page. As JHEM said, it’s just good business, and would make a high-demand service easier to find.

I wasn’t arguing with the site as much as dami’s reasoning.

Keep doing what you’re doing! :smiley:


I totally agree with all your comments on this thread Newark777. I’m just so disappointed I’m not perfect and always organised like Damiross is…



I’m not going to continue this thread. If you think having to put every possible link on a home page is the right thing to do then good for you. I still think it’s dumbing down to have to have the page configured for the lowest common denominator.


THANK YOU for keeping it this way.

With the way the website is set up and the ease of user custimization via bookmarks and favorites there is no reason for a million links.

My only suggestion would be to add a “whats new” page to run along with the announcement page in the discussion forums. (Not the main FA website)

Better yet, add a new forum within the discussions dedicated to new feature links and have it locked for posting only by administrators without replies. Any comments to new features then can be brought up on our regularily scheduled forums.

This new forum idea will give all users one place to look for new features being rolled out without having to search timbucktwo through the forum threads



Why not just change the “Announcements” forum to “Announcements/What’s New” forum.