Select flt history


Can a flight not on the ‘history list’ be accessed?
For example, FLT SWA2745 goes back to Feb 26, 2006 I need the track data from the FEB 10, 2006 flight. Is it possible to “select” a specific Flt by date?


The history was there – on the page with “More Past Flights”. I just scrolled down to it. … /KCLE/KMDW


Ah, one of these days people will actually read the Questions and Answers section and look at the past postings so that people like Tobyz1, Needlenose, Pika, JHEM, and myself won’t have to kill electrons telling people about what has been posted and answered.


It is a bit long and tiresome to read the entire thing but I read it before I asked about AIM updates.


Good for you! I know it’s long but reading it online allows you to search for terms that might be related to your question.


With Firefox, on my computer, F3 brings up a search toolbar that allows you to type in words and it will find them for you. Not the best but it’s better than nothing.


What, pray tell, does the search engine on YOUR planet allow you to do?


Well I’m no computer wiz so I didn’t know if it defaulted on every ones computer. Hope that answered your question.


The F3 function finds words on that current page, which has nothing to do with the FlightAware search function.


Yeah, some pages you can’t use the search function.


What I was trying to say is that once you have the Q&A page loaded, you can use the search function (my preference is CTRL-F) to search for a word or phrase on the currently displayed page. For example, if you wanted to find the word “know” on this page, you’d press CTRL-F, enter the word “know” (without the quotation marks), and click “find.”




What he said… :unamused: