Queries to look up flights before the last 24 hours

I’ve been using SearchBirdseyeInFlight from FlightXML to obtain real-time data of flights in the air in our system and it really worked well.
I was wondering if I could get information of flights before the last 24 hours. In the documentation, the above function only returns data within the last 24 hours.
I looked into other functions but no luck. Maybe it’s not supported?


What criteria are you using SearchBirdseyeInFlight to search for flights?

If you know the specific ident(s) that you are looking for, you can simply use FlightInfoEx to look up the details about it beyond the 24 hours that the other function is limited to.

My system uses SearchBirdseyeInFlight for flights in the air. I need to add a new feature to the system to look up past flights beyond the 24 hours. I looked into FlightInfoEx but it also has limitation of flights within the last 2 weeks. Is there a method to query flights beyond the 2 weeks?

FlightXML is not intended for historical flight tracking, so 2 weeks is the expected limit.

Can you describe more about what your overall purpose and needs are so that I can recommend the best solution? Specifically how you are looking up flights (ident, or origin/dest, or flightId, other)? Do you know any of the idents further in advance when it is still closer to flight?

We’ve been using dest, orig to query with SearchBirdseyeInFlight to get a list of flights in the air from/to airports. My project is about matching flights with radiation amount exposed to them. We’d like to compare data from the below flights for research. Could you suggest any solution?

Flight: KE905
Departure: July 23, 13:30 (local time)
Arrive: July 23, 17:40 (local time)

Flight: KE 906
Departure: July 29, 19:40 (local time)
Arrive: July 30, 12:55 (local time)

If you know the specific idents of the flights and you are interested in already, then you can simply use FlightInfoEx to get more details about them, rather than SearchBirdseyeInFlight. Once you know the faFlightID of the specific flights you want, you can use GetHistoricalTrack to get the lat/lon positions for that flight, and do whatever calculations you intend to.

FlightInfoEx by ident (but not faFlightID) will still be limited to the 2-week limit of FlightXML, which means those two specific flights are currently beyond the limit. However, I’ll help you out by telling you that the faFlightID for those two flights you are interested in are:

With the faFlightIDs of those two flights, you can directly call FlightInfoEx and GetHistoricalTrack for those flights, even though they are more than 2 weeks ago.