Need to get flight results according to date.

I want to get results from the flight aware api.But its giving all the results according to flight no. .I want get results for some specific date.Please let me know how i can get specific date flight results.

Thanks in advance!!

SearchBirdseyeInFlight allows you to specify query expressions that are bounded by ranges, within the last 24 hours.

However be aware that if you are expecting to get all flights worldwide on a continuous long-term basis, then that will be a very large data volume and will not be very cost efficient. If you truly want all flights, I can suggest access to our new “fire hose” service instead. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

I need results like i have booked flight for 10 oct 2014.I want to get results for this specific date or whatever the date i want.With which parameter’s and api can i do this.


Flights more than about a day in the future cannot have a flight status yet, so you can only look at the scheduled information for it using the AirlineFlightSchedules function.

I just want to get scheduled information for some specific date.Whenever other information would be available then i can get results from same api.So please let me know how i can get data for some specific date.


Use AirlineFlightSchedules for schedule information, or for any flight that is still more than 24 hours away. This function requires you to specify the date ranges you are interested in.

Use FlightInfoEx for near-term schedule and status information about flights within the next 24 hours or in the recent past. You must evaluate the results to find the flight for the particular day you are interested in once, so that you can find its faFlightID. Subsequent calls can be made using the faFlightID so that you are only returned information about that specific flight.

I have now following two url’s.Please check below:- … 1410586506 … 0&offset=0

One url provides me all the flights for specific date.

Second url provide me all the flight’s for all date’s for some specific flight no.

I need some specific flight detail for some some specific date.

Please help me how i can get this information.


You can only access the flights that are returned in the results of FlightInfoEx. You need to iterate through the results to determine if the flight you are interested in is listed there. If the date you are interested is not returned by it, then it is outside the allowed access range.

In general, FlightXML is not intended for tracking flights older than about 2 weeks or more than about 24 hours in the future (with some functions being limited to about 24 hours in the past).


I am using flightaware api to check delay in the flight.So using which parameter i can get delay in timing’s of the flight prior to its departure.

I have following parameters for the time.Please let me know which one i need to use for tracking delay.

filed_departuretime ,


Estimated departure time is not currently available through FlightXML. However, you can compute an approximation of it by subtracting filed_ete from estimatedarrivaltime.

Thanks for the help.

I am using flight aware api in my app and i am trying to add notification for specific flight.But i am getting two flights on single day.So how i can set notification for some specific time.If i set according to date then it works fine.But if there are two flights on single day then notifications come twice.How i can resolve that issue?


You can create the alert with the flight ident and the origin of the specific segment you are interested in.

How i can create the alert?

Basically i am creating an alert for specific flight added by user.It could be after 1 day,1 month or 1 year as well.

Now i am getting blank data from flightaware api as it gave alerts only for maximum 2 future days.


I am waiting for your response from days.Can anyone respond to my question?

I don’t know what you mean by blank data, since you are allowed to use SetAlert for dates up to a year in the future. You don’t have to be able to see the flight from FlightInfoEx in order to create an alert for it. When the date of that matching flight approaches, you will receive the requested alert types.

I have applied little different functionality as i need multiple notifications for single flight.So i need to fetch the flightdata from FlightInfoEx and then accordingly add notifications for that flight.So i need to get data for future flights.Can you provide me more values atleast for 1 month for FlightInfoEx webservice?


No, because FlightInfoEx only returns flights that are trackable once they have an associated flight plan in our system, which is usually a couple days prior to the actual flight.

If you want to receive multiple alerts for the same flight, you can specify a date range (starting and ending date) that includes the entire time window you are interested in. Once you have received the last alert for the last flight you are interested in (and the ending date has not yet occurred), then you can use DeleteAlert to stop receiving subsequent alerts.

You should also take a look at the AirlineFlightSchedules function, which can return some flight schedules up to several months in the future for some of the larger airlines. However, you should still try to take advantage of larger time ranges for your alerts, if possible.