Searching for flights on a specific date



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Can FlightXML be used to look up flights that are a month or so away? I can’t find a method that takes a date parameter so I’m guessing not but thought I’d ask.

What sort of time range do you have when finding flights?



FlightXML is generally for tracking operations near the present time, currently about 2 days in the future to 7 days in the past.

Full airline schedule data (out to 11+ months) should be available in FlightXML in the near future.


Thanks very much for your reply. When you say in the near future, how near do you mean?

Thanks a lot


I’d guess a few weeks.


Is this service available now (searching by date for flight in future)?


So that we can better understand your goal and make sure that this future functionality will meet your needs, can you describe how you intend to use the data? What fields will you be using to search for these future flights (just airline, flight number, origin, destination)? Will you know the precise date, or do you need to search for date ranges?


I’m also looking for this functionality.

The use case for this is retrieving a user’s flight by asking date of departure and ident. Tripit uses this exact flow when manually adding new flights.


The AirlineFlightSchedules function now allows those types of far-future searching: … tSchedules