AirlineFlightSchedules function is now available

Today we’ve made available the “AirlineFlightSchedules” function in FlightXML2. This function allows you to search for future flights that will be flown by most major commercial airlines up to a year in advance. It allows you to flexibly search by origin, destination, airline, flight number, or any combination. … tSchedules

The information returned by this function represents what the airlines have published as their intended schedules and these results do not include any type of current flight status information. To view the actual status of near-term flights you should continue to use the existing FlightXML functions, such as FlightInfoEx or Search. Not all airlines publish their future schedules to us, but our schedule data is still quite extensive. The results also include indication of code-share flights operated by other partner airlines.

You must specify the earliest date and latest dates of the flight departures that you want to find, which must be between 3 months in the past or up to 12 months in the future. For performance reasons, the span between the earliest date and latest date must be less than 3 weeks apart for each search, however you can adjust the date range to return flights in the next time interval. Airlines tend to modify the schedules of their flights when they are further ahead in the future, so expect less accuracy the further ahead that you request.

Long time users of FlightXML might recall that we had briefly offered this same function a little more than a year ago, but we unfortunately had to remove it because of non-technical reasons. We’re glad to announce that those obstacles have been eliminated and we don’t expect any further problems in the foreseeable future.

Hi mate
I’m trying to test this function but unfortunately, it returned an exception said “failed to create temporary table”. How can I fix it?

Can you provide the example request that you’re using to generate that error?

For example, this query works for me: … ation=KIAH

I use web service version in C#

var results = df.AirlineFlightSchedules(1349211600, 1349298000, “”, “”, “”, “UAL1685”, 15, 0);

However, it also returns an error when I use Json API: … no=UAL1685

The flightno argument must be only the numeric part of the flight number, ie: 1685. You must use the airline argument to specify the UAL part. We’ll try to improve the error message on this.

Thanks mate

Hey everyone, I am new here!

I am trying to develop an iPhone app utilizing the FlightXML API, but this function seems to be giving me quite a bit of trouble. For example, for testing purposes I am making the following call from my app:

snewman205: key removed> 1350344160&endDate= 1350344160&destination=KEWR&origin=KATL&airline=UAL

This request is generated after the user selects United as the airline, ATL for the origin, EWR for the destination, and 7:36PM on today’s date (October 15th). I chose this flight as it is the first one returned from United’s website, so I used that specific data set to see if it would find the flight. I am getting an empty data set every time. Anyone know whats going on?

The endDate should be greater than the startDate. This works: … irline=UAL

Thank you so much!!