AirlineFlightSchedules - Clarify 'Recent Past'


I’ve been testing some logic that includes AirlineFlightSchedules along the way. You documentation describes the time frame of data as recent past as well as up to one year into the future. There is no way of knowing a users input so could you clarify the start point date at any given time?

This way i can of course apply provisions to handle flight requests based on the users input before having to query your API and be returned an error or empty result.

Also am i correct you have not made historical (- 6 years) Airline Schedule data & FlightInfoEx available via the API ? Are there plans to include this in FlightXML3? If so please include me in the private beta to allow for us to test at high volume.


We receive schedules around the 5th-10th of the month that contain schedules back to the 1st of the month.

So early in the month you can go back to the 1st of the previous month, after the update you can only go back to the 1st of the current month.

Thanks for your reply, we now have clarity on the past however searches for schedules into the future is quoted as up to 12 months?
Could i get some clarity on this please? My users are asked to enter a flight number of a flight in the future and wondered if 12 months is a safe cut off?


ps. Edited post to remove a few examples that were not working but due to my own error.

Each airline publishes different timespans for their future schedules, so it might actually be less than 12 months for some airlines. Additionally, airlines occasionally make changes to their time schedule or add/remove destination cities within that 12 month timeframe, so don’t be surprised if a previously retrieved far future flight changes times (or is removed entirely) as the date gets closer.