starttime and startdate difference, AirlineFlightSchedules()


using the AirlineFlightSchedules() method

Another worry, please, **whats the diff btn the startdate and enddate. **
I have read the documentation but not seem to understand clearly.

**Which should be greater than the other? **

And also, i get error that start date is too far from the past. want to get flight info as far as 2005.
Isn’t is possible with this API?

For example, i have only this information set.

departed 06/10/2014

I know that
flightno = 2995 and airline = TCX .

What values does the stardate and enddate take.

Am using php, soap.
Convert my time to epoch like this

$d = new DateTIme('06/10/2014');
$epochTim = $d->format('U');

Am not a travelling type, just a programmer and will really appreciate help as explainatory as possible.

I get this error

[faultstring] => startDate is too far in the past (3 months)

Can’t i search flights far in the past, as far as 2005? if not, whats the min date i can search flight info

AirlineFlightSchedules only allows searching of flight schedules 3 months in the past and 12 months in the future.

Picking up this thread again …

I’m trying to use your AirlineFlightSchedules API. The documentation says the date range available is 3-months-prior until 1-year-out (or presumably, as far as out is published through OAG/Innovata). However I’m getting a result of -1 even when querying for a time range even just three or four weeks ago.

Are you still having problems retrieving past schedules?
It could be that you were asking for a flight that did not have any schedules in the time interval you wanted.
My query here does retrieve schedules for TCX:

Notice this is for past schedules between 1451606400 = Fri, 01 Jan 2016 00:00:00 UTC and 1453248000 = Wed, 20 Jan 2016 00:00:00 GMT.
startDate and endDate have to be epoch seconds since 1970

You can also search for a specific flight number using flightno :