Getting {"error":"start_date and end_date must span less than 3 weeks apart"}


Hi Everyone,

I getting this error when calling AirlineFlightSchedules API from this 2 dates
2018-05-30 01:00:10:
2019-01-29 01:59:59

{“error”:“start_date and end_date must span less than 3 weeks apart”}

The API URL as below

From the documentation, it states that i can retrieve to one year into the future



Although it can access dates up to a year in the future, you must do so in chunks of less than 3 weeks at a time.


Hi FlightAware,

I working on Auto suggestion for schedule flight for my client online system.

Is there a way which i can indicate flight date, flight number to retrieve list of schedule flights up to 6 months?



To retrieve a 6 month timespan you’ll need to make multiple AirlineFlightSchedules calls of contiguous 3 week intervals at a time.