Problem with XML History on seasonal flights


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We are having an issue with our website which is based on finding the correct flight so that we can offer our services to the client. The problem is that for seasonal flights, for example LY 216 or LY 342, which do not run on a regular basis, and the XML integration has no access to history so we cannot locate the Airport and scheduled time.

The integration works perfectly for all other flights, so there is no issue there. Can anyone help with ideas on how to overcome this? Our site is, if you try a search there you’ll see what our problem is.

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What FlightXML calls are you using? You should be using AirlineFlightSchedules which has forward looking info up to 11 months out.


Thank you mduell,

That’s exactly what we are using (AirlineFlightSchedules); and as far as we know there are actually much lower limits to the queries we can perform.

We just tried a 4 months query [08/2017 – 12/2017] and received the following error:


{“error”:“startDate and endDate must span less than 3 weeks apart”}"

Your input will be again truly appreciated
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You should use a narrower window around the clients trip, of less than 3 weeks as the error message says. Or if you need months, make multiple queries of 3 weeks at a time.


Thanks again mduell. Will check on our end and see where this leads us


Additionally, notice that your example URL has a typo in the variable name “lightno”


its only “Copy&Paste” problem :slight_smile:
the url

give the same answer
{“error”:“startDate and endDate must span less than 3 weeks apart”}


That last query example is from August 11 to December 30 which exceeds the 3 week span you can query at one time. If you want to look out to December then you would need to limit that range to something like the following: … 1&offset=0

However ELY doesn’t appear to have any flights scheduled over that period. I checked our database and we don’t have upcoming flights yet for the rest of 2017 or 2018 for that airline/flight combination. Let’s assume for a moment that there were however, you’d just need to continue to query over 3 week windows until you found the data you wanted.