Need advice on how to get specific data

I need to get the count of flights coming into a specific airport per hour. For example how many flights are scheduled to arrive between 08:00 and 09:00 at KDFW on 12/05/2016.

I am able to get this information by pulling from AirlineFlightSchedules and having my program calculate this manually. However, this pulls a bit more information than I need and I would like to do it cheaper if possible. I do not need to get any real details on the flight, just a count.

Any advice is much appreciated!

You may use

or you may search about Specific information for nearest Airfield to your place. … ype=pickup

You can also use SearchBirdseyeInFlight and have a search clause of “{range actualarrivaltime xxxxxxx yyyyyyy} {= destination KDFW}”, but you will still need to receive all of the resulting records and count them yourself.

Thanks! I will look into this. I currently got it more or less working but it looks to be expensive as they are Class I queries, it looks like this will also pull a lot of extra information that I do not need.

Not sure if I am missing something but I checked out both of these sites and do not see anything that would be useful, neither has data that I can pull into my own database.

FlyingWay was likely not specifically replying on the basis of using an API or redistributable data.