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Get data from SearchBirdseyeInFlight (or similar) past 24 hours?

I called FlightAware technical support to ask if there was any way to get flight data afterwards (i.e. not live). I was told that the data was available for 2 weeks. I asked how to get that data but they were not sure. My normal process for collecting data during the actually flight time window is done using SearchBirdseyeInFlight. I do see that it states in the API documentation that results are only available within 24 hours … so, this leads to two questions essentially:

  1. Is there a way to get flight data from a specified lat/lon box in a specified time (past 24 hours but less than 2 weeks), and if so, what is the function?

  2. If the answer to #1 above is no, then why did technical support tell me that the data is available for 2 weeks?

Thanks very much!

The SearchBirdseye functions are specifically available only for very short-term data (about 24 hours), due to the high backend resource requirements of keeping all of those positions in memory for searches. Most other FlightXML functions have the 2-week limitation mentioned by technical support.

There is no other function provided that can perform latlon box searches for timeperiods more than 24 hours at this time.