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Searchbirdseyepositions returns no data

I’m trying to track commercial flights over my neighborhood using SearchBirdseyePositions but it does not return data for my bounding box even though other apps show there are flights. It only returns data if I expand the bounding box by a few miles. Here are the conditions being applied:

[ http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SearchBirdseyePositions ]

[ {‘query’: '{range lat 37.35984 37.37431} {range lon -122.06204 -122.02833} {< alt 90} ', ‘uniqueFlights’: ‘true’, ‘howMany’: 15, ‘offset’: 0} ]

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Using the range argument for lat and lon are relatively expensive for query time and risk a timeout when attempting to look up matches.

It’s possible to work around this by limiting the time range (clock) for the position search to about a 15 minute window. Internally the clock value is much faster to search on.

This would result in a new query parameter like:
{range lat 37.35984 37.37431} {range lon -122.06204 -122.02833} {< alt 90} {range clock 1574812000 1574812900}

Thanks. I didn’t figure a timeout was occurring since the error message was just: {‘error’: ‘NO_DATA no results’}, and I was hoping to grab data for the last 24hrs but I’ll try limiting it. If that works I’ll just run the query more often. Does the order of the criteria in the query matter, i.e. should I specify the time criteria first?