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SearchBirdsEyePositions Range Clock Failure

WebFault NO_DATA consistently when trying to query flights around a position around a certain time.

My query string is:
{range clock 1559923513.8 1559927113.8} {range lat 26.379956217 34.2060434783} {range long -101.64683478 -93.8207565217} {< alt 40000}

I can get data when I use either < clock OR > clock but not both or range.

UPDATE: Tried just querying based on clock time and only returned flights with timestamps of zero

Be sure to fix the field name from long to lon. The query might be getting rejected because of that, and not the clock range.

Yeah it is lon and not long sorry. I am doing this inside a VM and couldn’t copy the string out so I had to type it out. The query isn’t being rejected, it’s just returning no data.

It looks like most of our early query usage was trying to pull results from more than 24 hours in the past relative to the time of query. The SearchBirdseyeInFlight endpoint only retains historical results for up to 24 hours. In this case a NO_DATA would be an expected result.