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Searchbirdseyepositions system problem?

Wondering if there is a system issue with the searchbirdseyepositions API call since planes are flying over but my API calls stopped returning data a day ago. No changes to code. Sample call:

[ http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SearchBirdseyePositions ]
[ {‘query’: ‘{range lat 37.35984 37.37431} {range lon -122.06204 -122.02833} {< alt 90} {range clock 1599669909 1599671709}’, ‘uniqueFlights’: ‘true’, ‘howMany’: 150, ‘offset’: 0} ]

{‘error’: ‘NO_DATA no results’}

Given the clock range in this example the result is correct, there appear to be no recorded positions that match the query. There are, however, several positions around the edges or just above of the bound box used.

OK, thanks. I’ll check the tracks more closely. They usually adhere very closely to a rail so hadn’t thought to check that.