SearchBirdseyePositions takes 30 seconds?

I’m using SearchBirdseyePositions. Initially (yesterday) I was getting instant responses. (Sometimes found hits instantly, sometimes returned “no results” instantly) Today I’ve seen many examples where this operation takes almost exactly 30 seconds before responding, then produces “error: no results”.

I’m not sure how to interpret this behavior. Seems like it might be some sort of timeout. Doesn’t seem right. Anyone else see this or know what is going on?

The precise command I issued was…{range lat 32.8729252318841 33.0178527681159} {range lon -117.330920014486 -117.158649985514} {< alt 25}

This is most likely a time out. We’ve got a bug open on our side to speed up the response time of this query pattern for BirdsEyePosition requests.

If these are timeouts, then there is a BUG here that you need to fix.

When a timeout occurs, you need to TELL the user that the operation has failed. Right now you return with no indication of failure.

I’m getting a lot of these events which I believe to be timeouts. (Can’t be certain, because flightaware doesn’t identify them as timeouts.)

I don’t know how to handle them. What exactly am I officially supposed to do? Try again? When I do that it seems to happen again.

I note that I am being billed for these calls that appear to me to be timeouts. !!! ???

I don’t seem to find any documentation that explains how errors (such as a timeout) are supposed to be reported. In fact, the return value that I get indicating that there are no results “error: no results” doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere. Please let me know if I’ve missed it. The docs say I should expect ArrayofTrackExStruct, which is not what I receive when there is no data, so perhaps the documentation is just sloppy?