Getting flights older than two weeks

I’m currently using FlightInfoEx to get a list of flights for some aircrafts, and then I look tracks of interest up by their faFlightID using GetHistoricalTrack.
I noticed that FlightInfoEx only returns fairly recent flights: “The oldest flights searched by this function are about 2 weeks in the past” - is there any way to get a list of faFlightIDs and departure/arrival times for older flights? I can find the flights I want just fine through the website, but I can’t seem to identify an API call that will allow me the same timerange.

I do realize that I could use GetFlightID if I had the departure time of the flight - unfortunately, all I have is the aircraft identifier.

Thanks in advance.

FlightXML is only intended for recent flights and older data is not available through it. If you have infrequent need to access older data, then you can consider requesting a custom report to be generated for you with the data you are interested in.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I see - that’s a shame. All I need is really the faFlightID of flights that may be a bit older than 2 weeks (typically not older than a month, for now) so I can look up specific historical tracks, so a custom report may be overkill. Anyway, thanks for the reply, I’ll contact the sales department if the need arises.