The Sensual Gulfstream 150

This is the most beautiful, soothing and sensual aircraft video ever. I watch it over and over, very calming. Mmmm… ::sigh:: :wink:

I just wish the ending wasn’t so abrupt…

Typical woman… :wink:

That’s pretty cool… Looks like IMAX did it?

I went to sleep :laughing: Always wake up with this:
(I think that is about the best video on youtube!)

Typical woman… :wink:

What?! No Cuddle?? :wink: :smiley:

Oh, that just freaking RAWKED!!!

:laughing: Yep!

Why does the second half of the plane have no windows? Looks like wasted space to me.


Wazzzzz!! Where does the luggage go? :question:

Same place. It doesn’t usually need a window either. :wink:

Let’s just say that there’s a full lavatory, a 795 gallon fuel tank, and a 55 cubic ft. baggage compartment in that…“wasted space”.

::sigh:: It’s sooo beautiful inside… 55 cubic feet is a lot of Louis Vuittons, and a full lav…that probably doesn’t have that solvent based odor from the blue whatever-it-is they put in the loo!! Ewww!!

“Dahling, do be a dear and pass the Bolli!” :wink:

I do believe that it uses “blue water” like most biz aircraft. Very few biz jets utilize a vacuum flush lavatory.

“A full lavatory…”. does that mean there is a shower?

I don’t think that there’s quite the space for that like in a BIG “G”… :wink:

I guess so because water weight would best be used for more fuel…still, the sheer comfort of it all… hmmmm… makes a girl want to lay back, kick up her heels… stretch out…and…sleep…mmmm. :wink: :wink:

Moist towelette? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Why, thank you Wazz! How refreshing! :wink: … are you type-rated for this aircraft?” :smiling_imp:

I wouldn’t mind getting the type, I hear that it has a great front office for its class…

…and it get’s Betty’s!