The official "message board is down" sarcasm thread.


Like the new format, but I wasn’t able to access the discussion area to let you know. Glad you got it fixed. :mrgreen:

Ohhhhhh…look at all the pretty colors!!!

Side note. Just noticed this after I posted this originally, but the “normal stuff” on the left side isn’t there on the main page of the forums.




Hyperlink to individual message still broke…




New forum broke access from iPhone.

Get debug error prior to logging in and bounces me back to the log on screen.

AT top of screen it says we are sorry but flight aware encountered an unrecoverable error.

Above that it says PHP Notice in the file /includes/funcitions.php on line 3067 undefined index login errror extrnal auth flightaware.

Yeah pike, I really did break it :laughing:



Also, clicking on a link opens the link in current page. Can that be changed to open links in a new page?


Bet support staff hates me…

Missing in action. No link to mark all messages read within a forum.

I used this link often when I want to read some messages, but not all within a forum, but than mark messages all read so the orange icon would be gone showing I am current until my next visit.


It’s there… gotta look a little closer:


I went back to one of my messages to try to add a photo, and got a message saying I could no longer edit the message. Seems like you get about 5 minutes to edit a message, and then the button goes away. :confused:


That’s why support staff hates me :mrgreen:

Used to be at the very bottom of the web page. Heaven forbid I like start from the top and read. :laughing:

Thanks for this informal training. It was the lack of O2 on my 3 hour flight at a booming 3500 feet this morning, and that’s my story and I am sticking to it


We’re still working out some kinks with the upgrade, so thanks for your patience everyone. This should be a significant improvement once it’s all settled down.


This may be useful…

Track [flight]FWR44[/flight]

Track [flight]FWR44[/flight]


I do think this is much better than the older version.

However (you knew that was coming!)

  • How do you reduce the size of the normal font? And no, it’s not my browser. Other sites appear at the normal size.

  • When clicking on the new posting icon, the first posting on the page is shown, not the newest one. It does appear it quickly jumps down to the new message then goes back to the top of the page

  • As I said, I like this but I was hoping the new forum would be what I consider to be the best forum software: vBulletin


What happened to the “new since last visit” function? Am i missing it or is it gone. Change is so scary!!!


There’s a “view unread posts” in the upper right.


Ahhaaaa. That wasn’t there before I posted my question. Is anyone else having log in issues? I log in to the site and then it ask me to log in again to reply to a post. I have to log in to FA and then log in to the boards separately?!? It was only after I did the double log in that the “view new” and “view unanswered” showed up. Not liking the new format very much…


I was used to a new tab opening when clicking on links. I keep closing the “new” tab only to find I am no longer on the discussions board. I will get used to it, but I liked it better when the links opened in a new tab.
I’m just sayin… :wink:


CSS (style sheet) error ?


You get a URL not found error when you try to log out of the forum. You need to go to the FlightAware page to log out.


You are correct. I did as you suggested and things seem to be working better. Thanks