The Canceiver Using Pro Stick

Canceiver using Pro Stick

Original setup upto 5 am on April 22, 2016:
Cantenna >> 20 cm pigtail >> generic DVB-T pluged into OPi. Dump1090 gain setting = max

Current setup starting from 5 am on April 22, 2016:
Canceiver using Pro Stick, plugged into OPi using USB 270 degrees bend male/female. Dump1090 gain setting = 30 dB

The location of Cantenna is exactly same in both the above cases.

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Your can is dirty. What a dirty can, you should be ashamed of taking pictures of such a dirty can.

Any can you can land adsb signals on is a good can ! :smiley:

(1) Gain setting of dump1090 above 30 dB greatly reduces performance.
(2) At gain setting of 30 dB, the performance is less than the generic DVB-T, all other parts of system and antenna location being same.

I have to add a Filter. With filter most likely I will be able to increase the dump1090 gain 40+ dB, in which case the performance of Pro Stick will become better than generic DVB-T.

Have to order a Filter. My wallet will be CDN$ 27 lighter! :frowning:

I have used SMA-male to F-female adapter for Can - Pro Stick combo.
The F- female is up and protruding outside the can. The 1/4 wavelength whip is inserted into it.
The SMA-male is inside the Can pointing down, and the Pro Stick is screwed to it

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I have not yet returned from travel abroad.

Although I have planned to make “Can-ceiver” after my return, I coud not resist the temptation and made it early morning today.

I am startig my travel now, and am in departure launge of CYYZ at the moment.