Flightaware Antenna Anomaly


Having recently bought a Flightaware 26 inch antenna I have noticed a marked difference in how my Prostick gain settings need adjustment due to the very varied reception levels.

Prior to buying the antenna I used to have combinations of receivers, Beast, Basestation, RTL-SDR, FlightRadar24 etc. and a combination of antennas, DPD, NZ made, FR24 and my last full configuration for my home flight tracking station was the Prostick and FR24 antenna.

For all these combinations I have always used either default or max gain settings on the receiver and this is true when I coupled the Prostick and FR24 and got very good reception ranges and message volumes. But with the Prostick and Flightaware antenna combination I get almost zero reception with the gain setting at -10. I seem to get very varied results at other levels to the point that I have no idea where in the range from 0 - 55 (or -10) I should set it for optimum performance.

With the previous configuration I never needed to adjust the gain from -10 and set the FR24 antenna as high as possible. With the Flightaware antenna not only has the gain gone skew wiff but also if I increase the height of the antenna by 1 metre I also get much reduced reception.

So now it seems I have to adjust gain and antenna height for the myriad of such permutations!

Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes, when I replaced my home made Cantenna with FA 26 inch antenna, the performance drpped substantially.

Initially I thought it is because of bad connectors/adaotors, but trying different connectors/adaptors did not improve the performance.

Finally I added a FA Filter, and bingo! With filter, the performance shot up and became better than Cantenna. Gain tweaking further improved reception.


I have thought about a filter but have never needed them in my part of the woods, maybe have to rethink that!

Thanks for your valued input…as usual!